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Offices are many people’s home away from home. You and your employees spend most of your days there, working hard to achieve your company’s goals and vision. While you’re working hard, the last thing you have time for is handling cleaning complaints and issues. No one, not even you, wants to deal with continuously having to dust the area, mop the floor or refill the toilet paper. Instead, you should be focusing on what you do best, which is why Janiful office cleaning services are the answer to your problems.

The 6 Keys To Working With A Cleaner:

1-Knowing your monthly cleaning investment is going to good use

2-Working with a cleaning service provider who carries the appropriate insurances

3-Your office cleaner is always easy to get a hold of

4-The same clean team oversees your facility each night

5-Peace of mind that the agreed upon service schedule is followed every clean

6-Leave it to Us Guarantee (Super reliable, very consistent, etc.)

Experienced Staff

Professional and Experienced staff ready to help you anytime.

Natural Products

We only use natural products in the process, No harmful chemicals are used.

Fast Service

Set your schedule and get the regular and faster cleaning everyday.

Best Equipment

We use the best and world class equipment for the cleaning process

Janiful is fully bonded and insured.

Reliable Chicago Office Cleaning Professionals

Janiful has a unique and eco-friendly approach when providing cleaning services to our clients. With 30+ years of experience you can be rest assured that our trained technicians will deliver exceptional service—guaranteed.

We’re committed to delivering the best after hours cleaning service you can find. Our goal is to serve customers with the best office cleaning services in all of Chicago, IL. Janiful provide office cleaning services in the following areas:

  • Reception areas
  • Conference rooms/work areas
  • Break rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Restrooms

If you don’t see an office cleaning service you are looking for, feel free to contact us and ask for it! We strive to fit all of the office cleaning needs of our clients. Janiful services covers a wide range of office cleaning services, so it’s highly possible we perform the one you are looking for.

What Else Can YOU Expect?

More Productive Staff:

With less cleaning distractions, you & your staff will never again have to come in early, stay late, or otherwise take time out of your busy day to re-clean your facility. Also, cut down on employee sick leave & the associated costs to your business by working with a professional cleaner who makes it their mission to help keep you and all of your office’s visitors healthy & safe with their cleaning practices.

A Professional Experience:

We use & supply everything needed to clean your space; including cleaning solutions approved by the EPA to kill the coronavirus & other germs. We invest in commercial grade equipment that can handle any sized space. And only work with rockstar cleaners who are rigorously recruited, expertly trained, & expected to continue to learn & grow in their craft just like any other tradesmen. Like your website, logo, or business card, professional cleaning of your space reflects on your brand image & customer experiences. That means we must do our part behind the scenes to ensure visitors & staff notice & compliment the cleanliness of your space.

Peace Of Mind:

With a clearly defined service schedule, you’ll know exactly what your cleaning service is doing & when each task is completed. You’ll start every work day feeling & seeing the difference of a professional clean that took care of all your high touch disinfecting to help fight coronavirus & other germs. A company that won’t lock you in to a contract but guarantees their work is one you can trust and rely on. View your cleaning budget as a worthwhile investment because your service provider makes all the things that are important to you, important to them.

How it works

Working with Janiful is Easy

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Review Proposal

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Enjoy a Janiful Clean Office

Easy on boarding and invoicing practices are mindful of your time and busy schedule. Relax knowing you left the cleaning to us!

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